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We are Zero Debt Company...

Spotlight Realty, a renowned real estate developer, excels in design and construction. With a focus on creating exceptional buildings in and around Kolkata, it has earned customer loyalty. Since 1991, Spotlight Realty has been committed to delivering fine homes, understanding customer needs. Grounded yet ambitious, the company strives to provide quality residences for all. Transforming buildings into landmarks is Spotlight Realty's core mission.

Our Mission & Vision


Established in 1991, Spotlight Realty is a reputed real estate developer dedicated to providing quality homes in and around Kolkata. Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional buildings that capture hearts and minds. We combine super fine designs, superior construction, and a deep understanding of customer needs to create homes that inspire. With a commitment to excellence and rooted values, we aim to turn buildings into landmarks and provide the finest homes that fulfill the dreams of our valued customers.


Spotlight Realty envisions a future where our real estate developments become iconic landmarks, admired for their unique designs and construction. We strive to be a leading name in the industry, renowned for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. By staying rooted in our customers' needs, we create homes that surpass expectations and bring joy. With a strong foundation of trust and thousands of satisfied customers, we aim to continue shaping the urban landscape and providing super fine homes that reflect our passion and vision.

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